OCTOBER 2022 – Every Monday at 7pm


Objective: To help participants improve their memories and quality of life.



“A Short Webinar for Short Memories”


Webinar Outline

Three (3) “Rs” (essential elements) of remembering.

Three (3) Keys for remembering anything.

One (1) rule for remembering everything.

How to remember lists of items in sequence (Errands & appointments, shopping lists, etc.)

Three (3) Rules for remembering names.

Three (3) Ways to defeat absentmindedness. (Have you ever misplaced your eyeglasses, car keys, or even your car?!! Have you ever gone into a room and didn’t remember why you were there, or opened the refrigerator door and then wondered what you wanted from inside?! This training will substantially help you to remember where you put things and MORE!!!)